6 Major and Crucial Web Application Development Trends to Watch in 2019


With the expansion of technology, the web has been getting progressively embedded in our everyday lives. A good number of entrepreneurs use web development services for business & make decent revenues out of that. Technology is now increasing at such a fast pace that yearly predictions of trends can seem outdated before they even go live. As technology evolves, it allows even faster change and progress, sourcing the acceleration of the rate of change, until finally, it will become exponential. Though, there is a range of Web Application Development Firm that uses these web application trends while developing websites for clients.

Let us deliberate on the Six key web application development trends that will shape up 2019:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)In Real-world
In the past few years Artificial Intelligence has already established much buzz, but this year the machines will likely make a huge difference in the cybersecurity arena. Many categories of AI have developed involving Machine learning and many more. Computer systems that are built to duplicate human intelligence and execute various tasks like identification of images, designs or speech are known as AI. These all tasks are achieved faster as well as correctly as compared to humans.

Blockchain Innovation
Most people associate Blockchain technology with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Because Blockchain offers a high level of security and it is one of the best ways to collect data and for storage. The main advantage is that there are no mediators between transactions. There is only use of multiple computer systems, and each operation is verified and depends upon the multi-layered algorithm. As a result, this reduces business resistance, possibly lowers costs, and minimizes the time of transaction settlement and advancement in cash flow.

Single Page Websites Approach
Now a day’s latest trend of single-page websites is found to be footing this year and will be sustained to become more mutual in the future. This is long webpage design whose navigation be contingent on scrolling. It provides full information about products or company information without moving to another web page to users. Single-page websites save the time of visitors and are user-friendly.

Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR) Trend in Web
Virtual Reality helps users to occupy an environment while Augmented Reality improves the feel of users. These are very easy, quick, and collaborating web application trends in the coming year. These help vendors to reach their target audience on mobile phones. For instance, VR is also used for training to train US Navy, Army, and Coast Guard Ship captains, and AR is used in Popular Pokémon Go. Both VR and AR have huge prospects in training, entertainment, education, marketing, and even healing after an injury.

Improved Online Support/Chat
Being connected to customers is more important than ever. Most top development company uses Chatbots, or Chat Assistance computer programs which get in touch with us either through text or hearing method. This allows a website to have a 24/7 contact point without sustaining a 24-hour customer service department.

Push Notification with Websites
It is one of the most powerful tools and significant web application development movements for which users are waiting. This tool can send straight information to a user who provides value has established to be tremendously popular with everything from traffic changes, sports scores or notifications about sales.


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