Align your Strategy with Delegating work to team members.


Features & Functionality

  1. Apps have built-in reminders for your Team with supervisors & On-field Technicians.
  2. It's easier to edit a Task allocation and Checklist.
  3. You can add the digital Assets with Images and live video.
  4. Apps let you quickly change the view of your tasks to sort them by priority, due date, or alphabetically and filter by choice.
  5. Digital to-do lists can be a collaborative platform for your organization and your external stack holders, meaning you can assign tasks to other people and get notified when they complete them.
  6. Customize your Field creating from Admin Panel where ever and whatever is required as per your needs.
  7. Prioritize Once you have your list created, look at each category and mark items that are of the highest priority. You may want to create a Priority-based system, so you know the level of importance of every task and can sort accordingly. With the team and across the Onsite Fieldworkers.
  8. Be flexible and willing to adjust, once your set up, avoid thinking of your system as being set in stone. Your life changes, so your list should be able to change as well. Keep an open-minded perspective on how to organize and manage your list in order to give your list a chance to morph as necessary.


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