How E-Commerce Applications Help Your Business Grow?


How E-Commerce Applications Help Your Business Grow?

E-commerce is the most preferred way of exchange goods and services. Today’s Era more and more people prefer to buy goods through the internet and assisted technologies with Mobile application. The key inspirations driving this Mobile Commerce or e-commerce revolution is social media, advances in e-commerce app development, rising preference for mobile commerce, and other digital Transformation modes. The role of e-commerce applications is the most substantial part here and most of the industry are using and taking benefit from supply Chain to e-commerce industry, to adopt e-commerce Platform is mandatory and vital part of any organization specific for Start-ups.

But before we look into the e-commerce applications help stimulate your business. Let us focus on basic fundamental.

Below are a few rewards of on-demand apps for businesses:

1. Business-to-Business

Business-to-business (B2B) is a situation or an activity that processed between two companies to make a commercial transaction with one another. Basically, it can define commerce doing business with other companies. B2B contract is entirely different from other ecommerce types like it directly sell products to other business rather than selling products to consumers.

2. Business-to-Consumer

Business-to-consumer(B2C) described as a transaction directly between a business and an end consumer. A customer can view and choose the product shown on the website and buy product/services as by the approval of business. They are known as online stores who sell products and services online. One of the best online marketplace Portal like amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba is an example for B2C business model.

3. Consumer-to-Consumer

Consumer-to-consumer (C2C) transactions processed in between consumers. Consumer-to-consumer made a suitable way for the people who comes together to buy, sell and trade. The C2C transaction is eBay (online consumer auction site).

4. Consumer-to-Business

Consumer-to-business is another transaction between consumer and business organizations. Here, the transaction takes place within a site in which consumers purchase a product or services, and business bid on and purchase.

5. Business-to-Administration

Business-to-Administration (B2A) is also known as e-government. It is a business processed between business corporations and public management sector. B2A services include legal documents, deal with employment, financial and more. The transaction entirely controlled by the government and only provides a medium for the business companies to submit application forms to the government.

Applications of eCommerce

Now a day’s eCommerce application development an obvious sector in the current day to day life. eCommerce expands its sales performance and opportunity. below are the most common eCommerce applications.


1. Retail & Wholesale

A wholesaler is a person or company who sells products in bulk to various outlets or retailers for onward sale, either directly or through a middleman. Wholesalers are able to sell their products for a lower price as they are selling in bulk, which reduces the handling time and costs involved. A retailer is a person or a company who sells products directly to their customers for a profit. The retailer may be the manufacturer of the product, or may acquire relevant products from a distributor or a wholesaler. The products they sell will be at a higher price than they would be from a wholesaler, due to markups.

2. Marketing Operations

Using web & Mobile on e-commerce, data collection about the predilections, behaviour, needs, buying patterns are possible. The marketing or operation activities like price fixing, product feature, and its enhancement, negotiation, and the relationship with the customer can be made using these.

3. Accounting & Finance Operation

Mobile eCommerce is being used by the financial or Statical companies to a huge level. By the name finance, we know that there will be customers and transactions. The customers can check the balance outstanding and due in their savings account, as well as their loan account. There are features like Transfer of money from and to their own accounts, paying off bills online and also e-banking. Online stock broking or trading is also another feature of e-commerce.

4. Manufacturer

Mobile eCommerce is included and used in the chain operations supply chain& Logistic of a company. There are companies that form the electronic exchange. This is by providing buying and selling items together, trading market information and the data or information of office like inventory control.


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